LISTEN: Kristina Marusic joins The Allegheny Front to discuss “A New War on Cancer”

EHN reporter Kristina Marusic recently joined
The Allegheny Front’s Kara Holsopple to discuss her new book, “A New War on Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention.”

“Individual lifestyle choices, which include things like not smoking and diet and exercise — and if you’re really thinking about these issues, maybe things like eating organic and trying to minimize your exposure to these chemicals in your everyday life – that stuff is all meaningful,” Marusic said during the interview. “It’s important, it matters. There are lots of reasons, in addition to lowering your cancer risk, to eat healthy and exercise and not smoke cigarettes.”

“But everyone I spoke with for this book said over and over, this problem is so big, we cannot shop our way out of it,” Marusic added.

In the new book, Marusic talks to doctors, researchers and advocates who are upending our understanding of cancer and how to fight it by working to rid our lives of the deadly chemicals that trigger the disease.

“We’re exposed to these compounds on such a constant basis that even people who literally have a Ph.D. in the subject matte know that they can’t just shop carefully enough to protect themselves and their families from these chemicals altogether. The only way we’re going to achieve that is through systemic change.”

A New War On Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention,” is on sale now at Island Press or any major book retailer.

Listen to the full interview below.