Humanity urgently needs solutions to our environmental problems. For decades, EHS (Environmental Health Sciences) has provided information in support of regulatory reform and community members, toward the goal of reducing chemical exposures and better health. 

Those approaches are necessary but insufficient, given the urgency of our predicament. We need new materials and new methods, across all commercial and industrial sectors. 

To accelerate this, EHS works directly with businesses and public sector organizations that are developing and providing those new materials and methods. We connect with leaders, engineers, R&D scientists, packaging experts and other professionals who are committed to a safe, healthy world. Our involvement ranges from high level principles for design to diving deep into the implementation details that often derail good ideas.


Leading this effort is our Director of Solutions, Matt Kayhoe. A long time consultant to EHS, and to many industries and social sector causes, Matt comes with decades of experience building alignment for change in complex situations. He also specializes in the development of non scientific capabilities for scientists – leadership, communications, career management, self management, and similar. Having worked in a variety of settings including labs, manufacturing plants, and executive suites, Matt’s comfortable in just about any setting and with just about any challenge.

Structured Support

Interventions to Promote Action 

Turning science into measurable, proven means to improve health for individuals and communities

Cleaning Up Our Act

Consultative support for companies making legitimate efforts to use safer materials, bringing to bear expertise on physical science and sophisticated change management strategy. 

New Materials Acceleration

Consulting to startup efforts to organizations and individuals attempting to create new materials – strategy, business models, marketplace opportunities, leadership coaching.

Collaborative Services

Accelerate and improve the work through structured interactions between organizations working on aspects of the Solutions challenge.

Speakers Bureau

Book an expert to speak at your next event. Our speakers include our world’s leading epidemiologist Shanna Swan, EHS Founder and Chief Scientist Pete Myers, and other environmental health experts.