About Us

About Us




Douglas Fischer

Executive Director, Bozeman, MT.

Fischer has a passion for driving good science into public policy. He brings three decades of experience as a journalist and joined EHS in 2008.


Pete Myers, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Scientist,
Charlottesville, VA.

Myers founded Environmental Health Sciences in 2002 and is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University.


Kate Mallek

Director of Development,
Albemarle County, VA.

Mallek is a lifelong advocate for health and environment. She looks forward to a day when a person does not have to be an expert in absolutely everything to make safe choices for their family.


Matt Kayhoe

Director of Solutions,
Washington, D.C.

Kayhoe brings two decades of leadership on organizational change and collaboration, joining EHS in 2022 to oversee partnership expansion.

Our Team


Brian Bienkowski

Senior News Editor,
Sault Sainte Marie, MI.

Bienkowski joined EHN (Environmental Health News) in 2012 and had an immediate impact, anchoring a reporting team that won an Oakes Award honorable mention.


María Paula Rubiano A.

Assistant Editor, Medellín, Colombia.

Rubiano developed the environmental justice beat for “El Spectador,” one of Colombia’s most respected newspapers, and fosters EHS’ collaboration with the Agents of Change program.


Cami Ferrell

Houston, TX.

Ferrell produces short-form news videos and writes articles based on the environmental health priorities along the Texas Gulf Coast.


Jerry Heindel

HEEDS Program Director, Raleigh, NC.

Heindel founded and directs the Healthy Environment and Endocrine Disruptor Strategies (HEEDS) collaboration.


Kristina Marusic

Pittsburgh, PA.

Award-winning journalist Marusic joined EHS in 2018 to cover environmental health and justice in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.


Jimmy Evans

Video Editor,
Jacksonsville, FL.

Evans serves as the video editor for our EHN newsroom, focused on our Texas bureau and translates content for EHN en Español.


Sarah Howard

HEEDS Program Manager, East Greenbush, NY.

Howard is an expert on the environmental factors contributing to the global diabetes epidemic.


Shanna Swan

Senior Scientist,
San Francisco, CA.

Swan, a world-renowned reproductive epidemiologist, brings global expertise on fertility, sexual function and reproductive disorders.


Autumn Spanne

Manager of Newsletters & Bilingual Content, Barcelona, Spain.

Spanne oversees our daily newsletters and manages our content curation and Spanish initiative, EHN en Español.


Megan McLaughlin

Content Curator, Portland, OR.

McLaughlin is a master at scouring the internet for consequential news to bring to our readers.


Jim Germond

Content Curator, Sudbury, VT.

Germond is a third member of the EHS aggregation team, providing a keen eye and catching news and commentary worth sharing.


Amanda VanJaarsveld

Social Media & Engagement Coordinator, Austin, TX.

VanJaarsveld produces social media content for our newsrooms and supports the EHS brand and organization goals with a focus on engagement strategies.


Katherine McMahon

Science Administrative Assistant, Richmond, VA.

McMahon has a background in entertainment partnerships and strategic marketing, and coordinates key projects for EHS’ Senior Science team.


Lorna Scribner

Office Manager., Bozeman, MT.

Lorna joined Environmental Health Sciences in 2022 and wears many hats to help support a variety of EHN’s operations.


Shadé Quintanilla

Executive Assistant,
Los Angeles, CA

Shadé Quintanilla is a graduate from University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Producing Program with a MFA in Producing for Film, Television, and New Media, along with a BA in English from Barnard College of Columbia University.

Change starts with science

Environmental Health Sciences is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news and science organization that aims to drive good science into public policy and public discussion on our environment and health, including climate change.

We’ve been at this since 2002.

Our core strategy:

  • Alert the public to critical threats.
  • Advance news cycles on core topics.
  • Solve entrenched problems with interdisciplinary collaborations.

We have a network of hundreds of scientists across the globe at universities, research institutions and government agencies. Our two websites, EHN.org and DailyClimate.org, serve up 3 million pageviews per year and have 120,000 followers on social media. We deliver a mix of daily and weekly newsletters to 32,000 subscribers.

We have won national and international awards for our work. And we are passionate about driving science into public discussion and policy on environmental health, justice and climate issues.

Editorial and Donor Transparency

Environmental Health Sciences’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion