EHS Governing Board

We are governed by a diverse group of distinguished leaders in their respective fields:

Dr. Pete Myers, Chair, Founder and Chief Scientist, EHS

Julie Jones, Co-founder, Advancing Green Chemistry

Marty Kearns, Treasurer, Founder, Netcentric Campaigns

Derrick Jackson, Climate and Energy Fellow, Union of Concerned Scientists

Brian Johns, Executive Director, Virginia Organizing

More information about our board is available here.

EHS Editorial Board

The editorial board of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate provides a voice for science-based public policy, a healthier environment and a reduction in environmental injustices.

The editorial board champions those principles without regard to partisanship and beholden to no individual, scientific society or political organization.

While the editorial board is an institutional voice, it is not the voice of the institution as a whole. It does not speak for the newsroom of these two publications.

The editorial board is made up of senior directors of Environmental Health Sciences:

  • Pete Myers, Founder, Board Chair and Chief Scientist
  • Douglas Fischer, Executive Director
  • Matt Kayhoe, Director of Solutions