Change starts with science

We believe

  • That high quality science should be the foundation of public health policy.
  • That jointly with science, those whose health is affected by policy should have the driving voices in the creation of those policies.
  • That progress is never a result of scientific discovery alone; it requires other forces: crusading journalism, effective advocacy, an engaged public

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

The Health Environment and Endocrine Disrupting Strategies (HEEDS) is a coalition of scientists dedicated to improving research and collaboration in the field of endocrine disrupting chemicals 

Interventions to Promote Action

We are scaling ways we can reduce our toxic body burdens. We’re training dedicated scientists, from a range of backgrounds, to talk effectively about this planetary crisis.  

A new charter for our health

We need a Magna Carta for our health – a document that asserts, much like the original in 1215, that we have a right to self-governance of our lives. 
We must free ourselves from the chemicals industry. We need to recover our chemical future.

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