Fighting “A New War on Cancer”

What if we rethought how we fight cancer?

In Kristina Marusic’s new book, she talks to doctors, researchers and advocates who are upending our understanding of cancer and how to fight it by working to rid our lives of the deadly chemicals that trigger the disease. Marusic’s book, “A New War On Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention,” is on sale now at Island Press or any major book retailer.

“A New War on Cancer” empowers readers to get involved with the growing national movement to prevent cancer by systematically reducing our exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

The story is told through profiles of people leading this work — most of whom never imagined this role for themselves.

Senior news editor Brian Bienkowski sat down with Marusic to talk about writing the book, what we can do as individuals and collectively to prevent cancer-causing exposures, and why she’s optimistic about the future of this fight.

Meet those on the frontlines 

Below you can hear from some of the doctors, researchers and advocates who are fighting the New War on Cancer.

Bill Walsh

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