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Environmental Health Sciences is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news and science organization that aims to drive good science into public policy and public discussion on our environment and health, including climate change. We’ve been at this since 2002.

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All of us at EHS are really proud of what we are able to accomplish because of the support of our committed readers. Here are a few of the things we’re proud of in 2020 and 2021. Your support makes this happen.

  1. We published 250+ stories that have been read by 850,000 users ... and counting.
  2. EHS readers opened and read 1.3 million emails from us, each one full of stories our journalism team found for you. Did you know it takes 10 to 12 hours of research to compile each newsletter?
  3. We launched the second Agents of Change cohort this fall. Essays from our first cohort resonated, with more than 1 million page views. Hear from the latest cohort in this podcast.
  4. EHS notched a huge science win in Europe: After 10 years of feeding scientists good information, building coalitions and blunting industry arguments, we saw the EU Commission approve a strong, science-based roadmap for safer chemistry.
  5. EHS grew so concerned about the health of our inclusive democracy – and the fair and free elections that make such a democracy possible – that we launched


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